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Screen Acting

3 Months

Screen activity and stage activity are two different versions of the same art. How ever,they are definitely different. Screen activity consists of two elements;actor and technology. At Neo, we train the actor to use his body, mind and voice as well as making him acquainted with the technology, camera, lights, tracks & trolleys, sound studio & dubbing, which enable him to behave in front of camera. Even born actors need grooming to become the best and the flawless. The NEO Film School provides stages for the budding actors to perform. Every month there are special programmes and events organised to display the talents of the future. An impressive show reel is what you should look for from NEO when you pass out.

Diploma in Screen Acting
Course Code : ACT-3
Course Duration : 3 Months
No. of Classes in a week : 5 Days
No. of Seats : 12 Seats

The course fee is Rs. 49,000/- plus Tax.

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